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NonFiction November 2022 Week 2: Book Pairings

I have a mix of books I mentioned earlier and some that I haven’t. They are not in order of preference. The covers are linked to the reviews if you want to see what I thought of them individually. Please link back to Rennie if you are participating!

The Refugee stories:

This was a complete story of the journey of one boy as he looked to brighter pastures.

Although I did not enjoy this book as much, it is a pretty harrowing tale of people from different countries all making the same journey with differing results.

Personal Struggles

This is a true story of a woman who finds herself as she cares for a puma; her life is pretty rough.

This book reminded me of Puma years. Although it is not true, it is based on actual stories of roughing it in the most brutal of conditions.

The forgotten people

This book focuses on the invisible people who are ill-treated by the system

This book has an actual man turning transparent as an indication of his value in the society.

Abandoned/Forgotten Physical locations

The immigrant’s story

The author talks of her life growing up as a Vietnamese refugee. How she comes to terms with her dual identity is what the book’s all about.

The author cannot confirm a lot of the history of the narrative, which is why this is labelled as fiction. I think it almost qualifies as non-fiction. It shows the same scars as the previous book.


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