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NonFiction November 2022 Week 3: Stranger than Fiction

I find most of the non-fiction that I read to change my perspective and realise how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

This year in order to participate in NonFiction November (Previous posts here: Week 1, Week 2) I racked my brains to at least two that seemed extremely hard to believe for different reasons. If you decide to participate in this month-long fest, do link up : here

As usual, I link the review to the cover in case you want my full reactions.

The Man who fell from the sky by William Norris

I was surprised by the story. I think the cover says it well when it calls the situation Bizarre. Although the author did not have any way of confirming his suspicions, I felt like this audiobook did a great job in providing the listener with something to think about. the world at large and the financial pieces of the pre-war era were fascinating to me!

In the disneyfied era we live in, it is quite important to figure out where everything originally stemmed from. In this thorough exploration, we not only get to know about the history of our fairy tales but know about the history of the world at large!


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