The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh

Narrated by Imogen Church, Theo Solomon

I read a book by the author quite early in my blogging journey (The Man Who Didn’t Call ), and although it is not highly rated online, I found it brilliant. I read that in the physical version and loved the suddenness of things. I wanted to try this book out solely due to my prior experience with the author.
The author has a distinct writing style. She blurs the lines between a thriller and a ‘women’s fiction’ for the lack of a better word to use. It is entirely obvious that the story narrated to us is not the whole truth. The question then is if an unreliable narrator is being used or if it’s just the facts presented in that manner.
My biggest problem with this book was the length. I heard it on audio, and the narrators did a splendid job of setting the mood. Emma has an interesting career path. She is a relatively new mother, and her husband is extremely devoted to her. His career as an obituary writer was something new as well! Emma has had a repeat health scare in the beginning, and things start to spiral out of control with regard to the secrets that she has been holding close. Information is drip-fed to us over multiple days, and as things get from bad to worse, I was able to quite accurately guess the final twist. There are several, and I must admit one or two hoodwinked me till their reveal. The narrators’ voices and their style, along with the general writing style of the author, are what carried the book for me. The final reveal was more than a little dissatisfying for someone like me (I so badly wanted to be wrong). I would not recommend this book over the other, but I will be picking up anything else the author writes.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my reading/listening experience of this and another book by the author.


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