Chick lit

Not Working by Lisa Owens

For different reasons than Claire’s, I am in a similar situation that she finds herself in at the beginning of the year. Our leading lady quit her job before setting out a plan for her future. She is living with her boyfriend, and they share the mortgage of the apartment they live in.
The financial burden is present, as is his lack of passion for things. The first few days/weeks of being unemployed without the need to look immediately add a certain level of lethargy which can stick around longer if not carefully addressed. Claire is not equipped to handle the lull that she is now faced with. She has not been appropriately social with her family or friends to turn to them with the time she has. She attempts a few changes, but many backfire. She is not a likeable character, even excusing for the chaos in her life.
It is not a long volume, but it accurately provides the passage of time as Claire comes to terms with her new life. The sniping and defensive stance she takes when her unemployment status is discussed (especially since she is not putting in the required effort) all felt quite realistic.
I read this book in one train trip, and although it would not work with everybody, if the blurb appeals to the reader and they go in knowing they are not really meant to like the central figure (or so I felt) – I would recommend giving it a shot.


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