The Case of the Sleepwalker’s Niece (Perry Mason #8) by Erle Stanley Gardner

I let my kindle unlimited subscription languish for a while. One fine day when I was in the mood again, I refreshed the entire queue and chose a fresh set of books/audiobooks to read/listen to. I have since let it sit again (maybe the writing of this review might help in some form). This book was the first I sat down with.
Perry Mason in the audio format has been a very pleasant rediscovery over the past couple of years. They are not great literary works, but the people, the case itself, and the pace of the entire thing make for an enjoyable time. This particular installment was not as intriguing as the others, but it was Perry Mason’s attitude towards a very annoying, almost-client was what made me like this case a little lesser than others that I read.
Perry Mason is in his office when he gets the usual mysterious visitor who is not the actual client. She is there to give him a heads-up about her uncle, who she has sent Perry Mason’s way. He comes with his own headache of wanting to marry someone but being hounded by an ex for his money. There are multiple plots at play and multiple players, and the chaos is very real.
I was surprised by the plot twist, but I was not as surprised by the culprit. It is not an adventure that one should introduce themselves to the series with, but it is a decent plot if you are used to Perry Mason and his antics.
I hope to continue with books in this series in the next year as well.
The audio narration is still a very crucial part of my experience.
The narrator works very well as Perry Mason, and I would highly recommend this mode of consumption of this series.


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