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2022 Long List II:Series’ I started or Continued

As I wrap up my blog posts for the year, this particular list is quite close to my heart. I can iterate multiple times without any issues that I love books that are part of a series (obviously, the individual books have to be good).

My post for the last year was: 2021 Long List II – Series’ I started or continued

The last post for my long lists was: 2022 Long List I: Inspirational and/or Informational

This is a list of series’ I enjoyed during the year, and I have linked the reviews to the cover pages if you are interested in further perusal. If anyone finds a new set of books to try from this list, I would love to know!

Books I read more than one of

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The Case of the Rolling Bones cover art
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-10.png

1st Books in a series (It does not feel like it was only this year I read a few of these!)

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40773435. sy475
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Series you can start this new year: for those who love the fact there is more of a good thing to follow, Books I read from series’

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