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2022 Long List V: Highlights of my Blogging Year

I started to make this post when I noticed some of these were interesting, and they did not fit into my Mega Stats. It is also a last-ditch effort to talk about books/reviews I enjoyed this year before it becomes literally old news. I hope you get as much fun out of looking at these, as I did putting it together.

Since the purpose of this post is to cover as much variety as I can, although some book reviews might have shown up multiple times, I bumped them off to make way for the next in line.

My complete lists of long lists are:

My Top 3 Viewed Posts:

My Most Liked Posts (As usual, these were books that were already popular on the blogosphere, which may or may not have contributed to the review’s popularity)

My Least Viewed Posts

My least ‘Liked’ posts

Top 5 reviews liked on Goodreads

Lowest Rated on Goodreads

Top 5 Least Read/Number of ratings on Goodreads

This was something I started last year with Non-Bookish Sunday Post: Lost Ruins of Arnak. I was really excited with these posts featuring a very important part of my life. Do you recognize any of these?


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