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Back from Hiatus – Mega Stats 2022!

I struggled with my blogging in the second half of the year. I had a lot of books to read, and read them I did. My reading pace had not altered, but I ended up not posting reviews as regularly. I reviewed 296 books last year, a low from the previous few years. I did actually read more than that, but I felt like postponing the reviews was better than providing lacklustre ones, which clearly showed my poor writing than the quality of the book itself.

So after much hmming and hawing, I decided to stop where I could and apart from a scheduled post of flashback Friday, I did not venture near my blog for the start of the year. I want to start off with one of my favourite and more academic of my interests, the collation and depiction of my year in reading. I actually considered ditching it in its entirety, but that felt more like laziness than any other issue, so I persevered and am finally here with the stuff!

If you missed it, here are my long lists (I was genuinely relieved I did a decent job with this):

My last years graphs are here:Mega Stats 2021!

My average rating stays at 3.6, just like last year, which is probably a big surprise!

Non-fiction has increased by 2%, I should be happy!
Some things stay a constant, I have read more Variety in Children’s fiction

The short stories were a good enough mix this year, 2 science fiction, 4 older mysteries (reprints),1 memoir and the other was a general fantasy-ish narration.

Non-audio pages read and reviewed: 82577 (obviously lesser than previous tallies)

No.of pages by Genre and type
No. of Books by Genre and Gender
My percentage of male authors has increased finally!
Nationality of author (on their profiles)MaleFemaleMultiple
American 46862
Chinese American3
Cuban American1
Korean American1
Vietnamese American1
Native American1
British Indian2
British Sri-Lankan 1
Translated languageNo.of Books
My translated works have taken a hit, maybe I will do better this year!

My audio time has increased a little as compared to last year: 273hours = 11 days and 9 hours. With my new knitting projects,I see an uptick in this for the future.

No.of audiobooks (total is lower than previous years)
No.of hours of audio vs genre and gender of narrator

I read 7 Terry Pratchett books and 4 of Verity Bright. I thought I would make a list of any author I repeated, but it was too long to be interesting. I decided to do more than 3 books this year. Honourable mentions are Portia Mackintosh, Olivia Atwater, Patrick Ness and Sebastien De Castell, I read and reviewed three of their books.

115 books were part of a series, slightly lesser than last year (which would happen given the number of books read)

Position of a book in a series
Don’t even need to make a pie chart to see the imbalance here. Starting to read a few books on my own shelf, so that’s good.

Multiple reprints once again made my list, I like using Netgalley to access such books!

My ratings by type of book
Rating by Genre
Year of original publication vs no.of books read

Time period predominantly featured in the book:

Since several books have managed to sneak it the pandemic into the 2020+timelime, I still consider anything that does not mention It to be 2019. Hence the spike in that window.

Places where my books led me to:

The chart is more spread out compared to the previous years. I had 39 fantasy worlds(not all different from each other), 1 book at sea, 19 covered multiple countries. The rest are on the chart below:

Phew! I did it. I look forward to what this year holds for me. To people who still follow my blog, I will be posting several reviews in the coming month. For those who are new, welcome!

Happy new year! How was your year in books 2022? and what plans for this year. I would love to hear from people to gain a little more inspiration for 2023. Hope it brings something for everyone hoping for that something.


2 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus – Mega Stats 2022!”

  1. Nice stats, and I look forward to seeing your upcoming reviews. I know it can get hard to keep up – I can always manage two out of three of reading, reviewing and keeping up with other people’s blogs, it seems!

    Liked by 1 person

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