Also about this blog

As a few people would have noticed this blog has changed its appearance ( with some help from me and wordpress’s suggestions).

This is more of a ‘how to’ wade through the many posts already in here which might be scaring off a few of the few tempted to venture into this apparent semi black hole.

This appearance change facilitated the presence of a very readily available ( ever growing) list of genres . My humble attempt is to entertain those who have some interest in books ( or in my fledgling interest in writing publicly and want to cheer me on ), so I ask that you give this some time and browse around for any genre that catches your eye. The initial blog posts ( if you end up travelling that far back in time ) may seem like too much information to digest but the advantage of it is that it does not take long to read!

Another thing I would like to point out that my goodreads is connected and visible as well.If there are any requests for future reviews of books you intend to buy or are gathering dust on your shelves and you might want to give it another shot ( in this case it would be me giving it a shot first). Also just to use a fun widget I have added a calendar below which tracks the days I have actually posted things and you can directly jump to the days you missed ( Yayy!). As well as a drop down to list a whole month that you missed ( Yay again? )

Last but not the least, there is a follow option which will directly deliver my posts to your inbox . It will reduce the lovely graph of stats ( of visitors, that as a new blogger I admit to being fascinated by ) but it might be worth the tradeoff 🙂