About this Blog

It has been almost one year since I started this blog .I decided my introduction to the stragglers who end up trying to get an idea about what this blog is require new information.

I have always enjoyed reading, and it has been my solace through times, both thick and thin. It has been the fuel for conversation, the foundation of many a friendship.I have found that there are many who share the joy that this ‘hobby’ brings. It has been two years since I saw my first year in books on the Goodreads app( I was and am on the lookout for an alternative career than the one I had landed in) , and felt the thrill at the random statistics. I realized that since I had time on my hands( the on the recurring advice of both husband and father), I could kill two birds with one stone, read with a purpose and also sharpen my writing. I entered into this magical parallel universe that I didn’t know existed. This universe provided me with both access to books, as well as possible viewers for the things that I wrote as a review. Even if a couple of people a month enjoy a book I recommended, it makes me happy.

I do of course wait for a day, when multiple fellow bibliophiles like my review enough to share it with many more others.

The other two posts in this about section, provides more detail about the navigation of the blog.