About this Blog

Spurred by Goodreads (The App) ‘s reading challenge which collects all your reading data and gives you all sorts of relatively disconnected data, i embarked on beating last years total of 200 something books read

The data may be superfluous at best but it gives you a secret thrill, just as all those those personality tests and such do. The difference in this case being that the data is all true.

To make this challenge more interesting and in some ways more realistic, i have decided to also review those books.

Reviewing elsewhere makes it more about the book, which i think is in some ways unfair because a like minded person would not agree with everyone else’s ratings but might with yours! Also, this is fancier. It has been a while since i have written anywhere else but in my head and the writing may be annoying or change with the authors that i am currently into.

If anyone is reading this blog …i wish you luck!

– Anjana Sundar