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September 2020 Books Vs Moods

This is probably the first time that I have so many pending reviews at the end of the month that this September's list is not an accurate representation of my reading this month. Since it is an accurate assessment of what I did end up reviewing, I cannot complain too much. My last month's post… Continue reading September 2020 Books Vs Moods

Book Recommendations

July/August 2020 Books vs Moods

My last post for this monthly regime was : June 2020 Books Vs Moods. July 2020 was probably the first month that I have skipped it since the starting of the blog. I have not gone back and checked but I am pretty sure. I therefore combined the last month and this to make a decent… Continue reading July/August 2020 Books vs Moods

#FlashbackFriday, Book Recommendations, Meme

#FlashBackFriday June 2019

Another First Friday of the month and another post! My last month's post was #flashbackfriday May 2019. This is a monthly meme hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books and is always fun to do. I tried blocks this time to see if the presentation is better, nevertheless I intend to publish it despite the ultimate outcome.… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday June 2019