#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday May 2021

My post for this meme last month was: #FlashBackFriday April 2021. I take a look at the posts I made this month last year. It helps me look forward to the month this year! Last May was quite fulfilling on retrospection, both reading and reviewing, quality and quantity-wise. It is hosted every month by Kerry @Chat… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday May 2021

Book Recommendations

April 2022 Books Vs Moods

This is my monthly compilation post. It is set up with the moods the books I recommend from the month's reviews will be best appreciated in. My last month's post was: March 2022 Books Vs Moods. This month has been slightly better than last month in terms of the ways I have been using my time.… Continue reading April 2022 Books Vs Moods