Books I was recommended

I decided to make a page for recommendations I get in comments on this blog. I have not kept detailed notes of the few I received in the three years the blog has been active. But after very detailed recommendations for GAD stories(comment in my post: Answer in the Negative), I thought I must make this page to keep track. I will add a Hyperlink as and when I read and review the books.

Once again, I will be listing them based on the author’s first name.

Alan Melville

  • Death of Anton

Anthony Gilbert

  • Clock in the hat box
  • The spinster’s secret
  • Death knocks three times

Brian Flynn

  • Peacock’s eye

Celia Fremlin

Christiana Brand

  • Suddenly at his residence
  • Tour de force

Christopher Bush

  • Dancing with death

Christopher St.John Sprigg

Conyth Little

Cyril Hare

  • Suicide Exempted
  • With a bare bodkin

Delano Ames

Donald Henderson

  • Mr Bowling buys a newspaper
  • A voice like velvet

E&MA Radford

  • Who killed Dick Whittington?

Edmund Crispin

Ethel Lina White

Pamela Branch

Patricia Carlon

  • The whispering wall

Patricia Moyes

John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson

Michael Gilbert

  • Death in Captivity

Nicholas Blake

  • The Beast Must Die
  • Thou shell of death
  • There’s trouble brewing

Richard Hull

  • Murder isn’t easy
  • Keep it quiet