#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday February 2020

My february has not started with much of a bang in terms of writing reviews, so in hopes of drawing inspiration from this time last year I sat down to compile this post. We already were in partial lockdown this time last year, a whole continent away and nothing much has changed! My last month's… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday February 2020

Book Recommendations

2020 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools

My last year's post was : 2019 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools. This year has needed a lot of inspiration to live through. Learning has been both hard and easy (given the time people have had and hard because of the lack of focus and increased worries). We started the pandemic mode… Continue reading 2020 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools

#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday Jan 2019

This meme is hosted by Kerry@Chat about books, my most favourite meme because it makes me see how my writing has changed over the course of a year and all those different books/authors/genres. It occurs on the first Friday of the month. It is a look back on the posts that were made on the blog… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday Jan 2019