This is the first challenge I decided to participate in, and the details of the challenge are in this page and is being hosted by Rekha @ The Book Decoder.

As she did say we could play by the rules if required ;), I have backdated the challenge in such a way that I decided to list all books that I reviewed on the blog since 2017 which fall under the broad umbrella of British crime classics. There were one or two which fall under ‘American Classics’ but I have not added them on here at this time. Going forward however, I would be adding the ones I read as part of this challenge.

I thought listing by authors would be more interesting than not listing by author so here goes (Listed by first name, not last). For those taking part in the challenge, maybe something on this list and their corresponding review might interest you!


Agatha Christie

Colin Watson

Cyril Hare

E.C.R Lorac

Emmuska Orczy


Georgette Heyer

George Bellairs

Henrietta Hamilton

Multiple authors/Short stories