About the badges

I mentioned in earlier posts that I joined a website called www.netgalley.com which gives me access to advance copies of books which I can then review and add a lot of colour to my blog.

I have had childish glee in putting up two of the three badges, that being a member and reviewing at Netgalley has provided me. I realised that their presence might need explanation to the uninformed. This in turn might help decide if my review ( whichever one is perused )should be given any attention.

I have two badges on the right corner of my page, which sometimes would not be visible if viewing in a phone ( and sometimes visible under the content).

  • A member badge which of course proclaims my belonging to the website. This is a simple badge which indicates I may have new content which in turn might be interesting.
  • The second badge is of more importance. It certifies that at this time there are more than three of my reviews, chosen by the powers that be, to be visible on a title page of the book in question along with all the other featured member reviews. Since there are quite a few reviews being submitted to the publishers ( I had assumed initially all reviews are made visible to other members) the idea that a few of mine were chosen as well feels good.
  • The 50 badge basically confirms that I have reviewed fifty+ books on NetGalley
  • The final (latest) badge is a very exciting one. It is the one that looks like a stamp.

    Members who are auto-approved by four or more publishers receive this badge. I woke up to the good news that I finally fulfil the required criteria!

I cannot mark those reviews which were chosen because there would be a lag between me submitting a review and the choice being made but rest assured, you are reading legitimate content.

P.S: 2018 is off to a great start, hopefully there is more excitement to come!