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March 2019 Books vs Moods

This has been an eclectic collection of books that I read and I am very excited to present this month's compilation.This is a monthly post that I do to randomly (sort of) recommend a reading mood for all the books I liked reading during the month.The previous post was Feb 2019 Books vs Moods. Each cover leads… Continue reading March 2019 Books vs Moods

Book Recommendations

Feb 2019 Books vs Moods

This has been an interesting month in terms of the variety of books that I read. I may not have read as many physical books as I would have liked to. I intend to make up for that in March, but it remains to be seen. If you are new to my blog, as a… Continue reading Feb 2019 Books vs Moods

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October 2018 Books vs Moods

My last similar post was: September 2018 Books Vs Moods I had a very good month from all angles! I read some great books, spent a lot of time outdoors and walked or exercised almost everyday! Therefore, I am more than happy to present my book recommendations with their respective moods from those that I liked… Continue reading October 2018 Books vs Moods