Women Within by Anne Leigh Parrish

I received this book via NetGalley . Unfortunately this was another book that I did not enjoy in the recent lot of books that I have managed to lay my hands on.I need to qualify that disclaimer with the fact that this is a very well written book with very realistic characters and a unique way of switching between scenes.All these amount to a fine book if the content catches your fancy. It just was not a storyline that I can pursue with a light heart and relish it at the same time.

This is a story which focuses on the paths  of three women that cross at a retirement home.It is a story of all of them and also neither of them. It is about the trials of being women born into certain situations. They are obviously not women who are sterling representatives of their kind, this just makes them human and sometimes at the whim of fate itself. Each woman belongs to a different time in society and each have a common thread of not having dependable parents at some stage of their life. The learn, they live and they grow. My issue with the book was the lack of a conclusive end with which to reconcile the purpose of all their roles in the book, which is the only reason I do not rate is highly. The book taken as a work by itself without my emotional take of it , is good.

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