Sci Fi

Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke

The only reason I do not give this book a full five stars is because it does not suit the temperament of a person like me who reads books to escape. That said, I should not be trying this genre if I was not looking for a few hard truths thrown in with fiction.

I normally like to mix up the genres I read and there was an audible version( which made it an all the more consuming experience) of this book which made it a sound choice for me make. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The story spans a few centuries and beyond if all things are taken into account. It begins with the arrival of large spaceships which seem to bring with it beings that have come to stay. They have tried to put together a comprehensive list of behavioural do’s and don’ts and with just a small demonstration of their capacity, they get the desired result. There is more than meets the eye though because unexplained occurrences start to happen, after the stipulated time that the ‘overlords’ gave themselves before appearing in front of the human civilization. What is described next may come as a surprise considering how long ago the book was written, but the innate nature of psychology of humans remains the same and gives the canvas for the author to portray a future which is  simultaneously both a dystopia and utopia.

This book and probably the others I am about to read by the same author probably would raise multiple questions regarding what would count as inevitable and how intelligent we would have to be to come to terms with it or make changes.These questions and their never-ending possible answers would enliven any book group.

P.S: Do read my previous review, also written today.

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