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A Slice of Magic by A.G. Mayes

A Slice of MagicThe book is still up for request as of 23/5/2019

I started this book ages ago, but it did not hook me in at the time. I felt the beginning choppy and found it hard to enjoy the quirkiness of all the characters in the book. This is not my tale of woe, if you read on ahead, things will get clearer. I gave it another (more successful) shot yesterday.

This story begins with a cryptic call for help from Susanna Daniels’ aunt. Once she gets to the town her estranged aunt lives in, things get stranger. She is to run a whole pie shop with no prior knowledge about anything to do with a pie shop. I have to warn the average reader, (as I should have been warned by clues left by the author) that this is not the usual fare for the genre. There is a suspension of belief that is required so that when the twists in the story come, it should be welcomed. I liked the quirks of the people, the dialogue delivery and the exaggerations (once I got used to the people). There were a couple of events that repeat themselves with minor changes with each iteration, which could have been skipped. Overall the town with oddball characters and over the top villains is a fun read. If you are a fan of lighter genres then, this will be an even easier read.

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, and it was published earlier this year. The review is based completely on my own reading experience.

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