Death of a Tin God by George Bellairs

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There was a very contemporary feel to it, despite the mention of smoking on flights and a few other scattered images. I have read quite a few of the author’s works and mostly out of order. I confirmed a small suspicion about familiarity with the sequence of events by looking it up on Goodreads. I have previously read the book that comes just before this, and a small thread of that is carried on here. Except for that factor, this is one that any person new to the series can pick up and dive right in.
The mystery itself took a few more turns than expected, but the cast of characters (not to be confused with the cast of the movie being shot on location) makes the read an interesting one.
Littlejohn is supposed to be on vacation. He shares his arrival flight with a famous movie star in the middle of his third divorce and plans for his next wedding. The demise of this individual happens quite quickly, and the rest of the book is about building the background and what makes their world tick. Money is focused upon and is at the core of every turn the investigation takes. In this book, all the policemen bring something to the table. LittleJohn only has his ‘out-of-town’ position to thank for that extra information he gathers.
It is a painstakingly thorough investigation among unsavoury people of a different kind. I found it a slower read than usual but did not begrudge the picture it conjured in that time.
The ending was, in one part, expected and in the other, unexpected. This made for a good combination.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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