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Are We Lost Yet?: Another Wallace the Brave Collection by Will Henry

I have read and reviewed the previous books in this series on the blog.

I must admit going into this review that I am highly biased. I follow the author of Instagram and enjoy almost every one of the panels about Wallace and his tiny clan. I have adored the previous three works in varying degrees and am extremely (but pleasantly surprised) at the fact that none of the panels repeats from the ones on the Insta account.
The support system around Wallace continues to get stronger and funnier in equal measure. Wallace by himself is not necessarily a funny child. He is a very straightforward kid who has ideas, and he implements them first and thinks of consequences later. He does not really do well alone, wanting to have people around him most of the time.
The children are ageing very slightly as the books progress, but Wallace’s brother Sterling is moving on from the toddler stages, and his is the most obvious growth. Thanks to Sterling becoming more independent, his parents are starting to get their own turn in the spotlight. They make a fascinating couple.
The town stays the same, but the children’s adventures have their own newness. I felt like everything I was reading was fresh and hilarious in its own way. I visit this world for the camaraderie and was pleased to get what I expected. It is the kind of book that works well for adults and children to read together and enjoy equally!
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new graphic novel series/comic panel to follow/peruse. I might someday buy them all when there are enough to make up an omnibus.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience(of this and the previous works).

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