Veiled (Bone Secrets #3.5) by Kendra Elliot

I have been on an unplanned digital detox of sorts with no internet footprint for the past few days. Now I am prepared to remedy that situation 🙂

I went through multiple kindle selections, even abandoning one , one chapter into it( I will not mention those abandoned books in this blog just in case I actually read and like them in the future). I start this series of reviews with a short novella.

I gave it 3 stars. I got a suggestion today to start categorizing the rating as well in order to make it easier to search. I almost considered going back and fulfilling this suggestion. But I was forestalled by the thought of my poor reviews(rating wise not writing wise hopefully) being sadly neglected in favour of those rated higher. Since these posts are meant to be entertaining in themselves, I would like to build the suspense and have people reach this stage of a post. Hopefully this is the proper choice ( we shall see !)

This short novella was a 45 minute read and featured characters previously mentioned in the series. The problem with a mystery novella is that there is not enough time to build the situation up to a dire enough pitch in order to be exciting. This book featured Dr Lacey the odontologist and her fiance who are looking for a wedding destination who chance upon  a murder and follow through in trying to solve it. Before we get the feel of the place and the people, the case unravels itself and the book is over. Strangely enough this is not enough to make the book unlikable.( Hence the 3 stars). It has got me back on Kendra Elliot’s bandwagon and I have downloaded another book to start of a new series.

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