Rogue River Series – Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh

I have had a bit of time and have finished books before writing reviews for the one’s previously completed. Therefore today( or at least by tomorrow) there will be a burst of reviews. Luckily most of them were good( The books i.e)!

These are four bite sized novels. The only novellas I have read so far have all been in the chicklit category. These are not too far away, the lead protagonists falling for each other through the span of the tale but the underlying story is good. The size of the novellas are perfect for short reads if ( as most of the world is) short on time.

On Her Father’s Grave (Rogue River #1) 
by Kendra Elliot 

The first book opens with the introduction of the Taylor family in the town of Solitude who are almost like the local royalty. They are popular and they have lost the head of the family to a heart attack. Stevie the oldest girl comes back from LAPD for good and her counterpart is Zane who is the new head of the police ( The old being Stevie’s dad). There seems to be bigger mischief afoot than the usual basic crime that the are used to. They get to the bottom of just one tiny bit of the case by the end of the book.

Gone to Her Grave (Rogue River, #2) 
by Melinda Leigh 

The focus of this book is Carly Taylor who is a social services agent who is trying to fight for the kids who are in trouble in her area. The new case introduced in the previous book gathers some more speed with her estranged husband being in charge of the task force assigned to solve it. They obviously spend some time trying to iron out their personal issues in between being attacked and threatened.
Her Grave Secrets (Rogue River #3) 
by Kendra Elliot 

We are back to Zane and Stevie who continue to investigate the new drug that had been introduced in the first book. They have new questions about their own relationship as well as try to stay alive as the case heats up. There is new evidence which adds to the ominous atmosphere.

Walking on Her Grave (Rogue River, #4) 
by Melinda Leigh 

Finally Seth and Carly are trying to reconcile and they finally stumble on to the conclusion of the case and therefore tie up the happily ever after segment of the series.

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