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Is Intelligence an Algorithm? by Antonin Tuynman

It has taken me more time than usual to read this book once. I use the word read lightly since it requires a few more iterations for the whole thing to wholly digest in my mind.

I received this book as an advance copy via NetGalley. I originally thought it would add flavour to the collection that I have reviewed so far. It ended up being more than that. The author proceeds to give a comprehensive picture of what he has analysed via multiple iterations of independent data. Algorithms are a very solid tangible piece of our lives while the idea of intelligence is more abstract. Connecting the two in a cohesive argument ( while citing the various sources used , which has added more interesting titles to my to-read list) is the beauty of the book. I have not grasped even half of what I want to, from the book and am going to be dissecting my way through it again shortly. The book identifies the algorithm in various forms of life, and proceeds to prove and identify the algorithmic idea involved. In doing so, we are provided with an effective tool in our arsenal, which we can then apply to other parts of our life. I will try to apply it to this blog after I go through it a couple of times again. If the changes then appeal to the faithful readers, ( who may notice the changes, if any) , then it can be taken as a testimonial to the efficiency of the book ( my lack of ability to try something new can be blamed if no changes or bad changes are seen).

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