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Fortune’s Wheel (The Meonbridge Chronicles #1) by Carolyn Hughes

I have slowed down on reading electronic advanced review copies so much that my backlog has become huge. In the year since I started requesting books from NetGalley, I had not needed the tab they have which separates books that have been languishing on my virtual shelf for more than three months. Now a large chunk of my to-read list sits there mocking me! I am not letting it get to me though ( as you can very well observe!) and am working my way through them.

I requested this book because I had seen some great advance reviews and the premise looked interesting. I enjoyed the Hangman’s daughter series by Oliver Pötzsch which gave me fascinating insight into old Bavaria. This story is of a village that is learning to live after the ‘mortality’ swept through their land and caused more deaths than can be comprehended. They have to rebuild, with lesser people and resources. The story focus on the women, who hold pivotal positions. The positions may be in terms of respect the town holds for them or just within their family. Each woman is carrying a burden and they end up helping each other claw their way to the other side.

The hierarchies and relationships are described in intricate detail and this book could start many discussions about what actions a certain situation might entail.The thing I liked about the book was the way the women banded together and helped each other (as much as they could). This is a refreshing thing to read about even if they only had limited freedom themselves. I found it hard to read at my usual pace and the story seemed to take a while to get moving. I did not enjoy the tale as much as I should have considering the technical details I admired. That being said, the second book of the series is also out now. If historical political and the struggles of  rural women in 1350s is your thing, you should definitely give it a shot.


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