Chick lit, Mystery

Running from Scissors (A Running Store Mystery #1) by T.C. Wescott


I am always ready to sprinkle my reading with lighter books because they add the extra pep to get you through some harsher books that deal with our current reality (I do not mean to imply I actually do read a lot of non-fiction or serious work for that matter, but you must get what I mean.

Since I will not be online starting later today all the way through the week till sunday, I have decided to schedule this to post tomorrow (i.e wednesday) and I might just follow this up with another review but that will be decided based on how satisfied I am in my skill levels in getting my point across. Now getting back to the book at hand.

I have seen quite a few interesting reviews of this book and I actually picked it up before I read any of this on its own merit. The blurb, the cover and the title are interesting enough and it is always a pleasure to start a new series. In this story, we are introduced to the newest residence of the town in question. The entire town seems to have an abundance of people who like running as a form of exercise and pleasure. This is the focus since all the key characters either bond or have bonded with this shared love. Even the enemies of the piece revolve in the same universe. We have the basic formula of a mean lady who thrives off her feeling of superiority and our main lady Lacy. When the former goes missing and danger is suspected, Lacy thinks she might be held responsible. Her friend Stax and new friend Ruby decide to take a very serious approach to cracking the case. The rest of the tale is how they work it out. There is a bit of humour, a lot of camaraderie and no loose thread left unexplained. It is a pretty solid base to build up a series on and the people are very relatable and/or interesting. I look forward to the next book of the series.


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