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Superlative: The Biology of Extremes by Matthew D. LaPlante


This book is still up for requesting as of 28/4/2019

If I am being perfectly honest, I requested a copy of this book to fulfil the self imposed criteria of reading something in the Non-fiction genre and not get stuck in any specific sub-genre of fiction. I was rewarded for doing so.

I did not realise how refreshing it would be read and/or discuss the topics in this book. It contains a lot of facts, this may seem to be a form of overload so I suggest taking it in, in chunks, one section or superlative quality at a time. The best part of all the facts in this pages is that they are new, the latest updates to them are as late as 2018. This is something unique for someone (me) who does not actually go out of the way to keep up with general discoveries or discussions in the natural or scientific world. The author clearly shows us how fascinated he is by the concepts that he shares with us and the immense, under-researched potential that is hidden within it and why. It is not meant for one sitting but it is meant for someone with a semblance of interest in the world around us and the power of genetic study and what research in it can throw our way. The Latin names of the species threw me off my pace but after a while I stopped trying to spell it right in my head and kept going. There is nothing conclusive in the chapters, as my usage of under-researched would indicate but there is still time.

Every section of superlative quality tackled here from largest, smallest to oldest etc and how each quality is defined (with some debates on the part of ‘proper’ definitions) can spike many conversations. I might even hope that for someone who is in the field or heading that way , this collection might spark something. I cannot speak for them since I neither work nor have studied anything biology related after high school level, but I can speak for someone with a healthy dose of appreciation for life in itself. I think when I go on my next buying spree, this book will be on my list.

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely made up of my own opinions.

Affiliate link to purchase: Book Depository

4 thoughts on “Superlative: The Biology of Extremes by Matthew D. LaPlante”

    1. Thank you😃 I felt it very encouraging/exciting and had a positive approach to so many facts. I hope it reaches enough people, who might like it too.


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