Death at the President’s Lodging (Sir John Appleby #1) by Michael Innes

It took me a long time to read this slim volume. It was a hectic time that I tried to squeeze this in, and it is not meant to be read in the speed that I did. I know this for a fact because there were times when I slowed down and realised I was missing savouring some excellent dialogues.

I have read and reviewed a few other books by the author and enjoyed it. The last time I reviewed his book, I decided to start from the beginning to understand the series better. The first book was readily available at the library, so I went ahead and read it. The story is quite simple- a detective is sent down to find the killer of the President of a college. A man(the President) not liked by the people who he associated with (for various reasons), but someone who nonetheless held a lot of power as well as the literal keys to the place. Appleby, who is sent to sort this out, is an intelligent man and better educated than the people of his profession usually are, setting him in a no man’s world. He is comfortable with the professors and students in their world till they re-realise the fact that he is down there to identify one of them as having done the deed. The local police head doing the initial investigation knows Appleby from an earlier encounter and is therefore not as offended by his presence as he could have otherwise been. Finally, the meandering route the tale takes over two days had my struggling to keep up, but the ending was almost hilarious, and I did not feel cheated in the least. I gave this fewer stars than my other reads because of the time it took for me to get through it as well as the fact that I did enjoy the later works more.

Someday maybe I will continue reading this series, although I do not see it happening any time soon!

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