The Deadly Truth (Dr. Basil Willing #3) by Helen McCloy

I have read and reviewed the previous two books of the series : here

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The book is still available to request on NetGalley

I read the first two books of the series quite recently and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this particular instalment available. Since there are no particular references to the events of the previous two books, I do not think they are required to enjoy this one.
The whole book, from cover to cover, felt very short and crisp. I expected more melodrama, obfuscation, or red herrings, but things went a lot more systematically with just a hint of a possible twist that does not exactly pan out the way I expected it to.
We begin with a woman who feels powerful enough to toy with the people around her. She is hosting a dinner party and has big plans for them all. We see the individual characters on their own and then in combination with the soon to be deceased. The idea of a truth serum being used on unsuspecting dinner guest felt unique and limited the actual data involved in the case. Dr Basil Willing skips the dinner but ends up just in time to possibly identify the murderer. Each person is investigated in their turn, and in all the cases, I was intrigued by the conversations and the picture painted. We have a standard format for the denouement, and it took me by surprise because I was not ready for things to be wrapped up.
I am looking forward to the next release in the series. I rated this book the way I did solely because I wanted more from this book; I enjoyed the pace.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience of this book and the previous works by the author.

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