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March 2020 Books Vs Moods

This month started with a lot of gusto in terms of my reading but tapered into a somewhat weak end, with hardly any reviews in the last week. Despite that, since I did well in the beginning, I have enough to recommend to you in this odd time that we are also (strangely enough) facing… Continue reading March 2020 Books Vs Moods

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#FlashBackFriday March 2019

My last post for this meme was : #FlashBackFriday February 2019. All covers lead back to the original review on the blog. It was fascinating as always to meet 'March 2019 Me' during the compilation of the post. This time I had the patience and time to read the reviews as I put them together here.… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday March 2019

Book Recommendations

2019 Long list V – The rest of recommendations /Highlights of my blogging year

I decided to something else for my recommendation long/short list V. Since I managed to cram miscellaneous into my previous posts, I wanted to try something out. I am still on a free version of WordPress, so I do not have easy/accurate access to Stats, so I have to manually try a few things out… Continue reading 2019 Long list V – The rest of recommendations /Highlights of my blogging year

Book Recommendations

December 2019 Books Vs Moods

To give myself some time, I decided to post this in between my previously scheduled Long Lists: 2019 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools 2019 Long List II – Series’ I started or continued 2019 Long List III – Comics and Cozy reads 2019 Long List IV – Thrilling and Abstract It… Continue reading December 2019 Books Vs Moods

Book Recommendations

2019 Long List IV – Thrilling and Abstract

This is the fourth of my Five-part long list, I plan to release one per day, pre-scheduled and only review anything I read in that time next year. These are not in any particular order of preference and the covers lead back to my reviews on a new page. These are books that I have… Continue reading 2019 Long List IV – Thrilling and Abstract