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July/August 2020 Books vs Moods

My last post for this monthly regime was : June 2020 Books Vs Moods. July 2020 was probably the first month that I have skipped it since the starting of the blog. I have not gone back and checked but I am pretty sure. I therefore combined the last month and this to make a decent… Continue reading July/August 2020 Books vs Moods

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June 2020 Books Vs Moods

My last post for this recurring theme was May 2020 Books Vs Moods. I have a new 'mood' to try out this time! (Thanks Kate!) This month was not as great as expected, I was not enthusiastic in the reviews for the most part. I hope July will be different! This is my version of a… Continue reading June 2020 Books Vs Moods

#FlashbackFriday, Book Recommendations, Meme

#FlashBackFriday June 2019

Another First Friday of the month and another post! My last month's post was #flashbackfriday May 2019. This is a monthly meme hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books and is always fun to do. I tried blocks this time to see if the presentation is better, nevertheless I intend to publish it despite the ultimate outcome.… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday June 2019