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May 2023 Books Vs Moods

This is my monthly wrap-up post. I am a mood reader, try as I might to ensure I pay appropriate attention to my backlog. The books are sorted based on the moods I think they will be best appreciated in. The moods are standard ones that I have been using for a couple of years… Continue reading May 2023 Books Vs Moods

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#FlashBackFriday May 2022

My last post for this meme was: #FlashBackFriday April 2022. This is a monthly meme hosted by Kerry @Chat about Books and, as always, a brilliant way to recollect and reminisce about the books you read at the same time last year. As always, I link the reviews to the cover pages if you are… Continue reading #FlashBackFriday May 2022

Book Recommendations

2022 Long List V: Highlights of my Blogging Year

I started to make this post when I noticed some of these were interesting, and they did not fit into my Mega Stats. It is also a last-ditch effort to talk about books/reviews I enjoyed this year before it becomes literally old news. I hope you get as much fun out of looking at these,… Continue reading 2022 Long List V: Highlights of my Blogging Year

Book Recommendations

Long List IV: Thrilling and Restless Reads

My last year's post was 2021 Long List IV: Thrilling and Restless reads. In my aim to collect all the recommendations from my reads of the year, this is the last of the mood-read lists. These are books that have an ambience that lends itself to some impatience on the part of the reader. This is… Continue reading Long List IV: Thrilling and Restless Reads