Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I find out on a regular basis that there is more to systematically trying to cover ground in reading books. With my characteristic impatience I find it hard to wait for a future book in a series and forget about an author that I once coveted.

Thankfully with the technological advancement of access to books, there are very helpful tools to remind me and nudge me in the right direction. I am elaborating on this to this degree because in the past month I found not one but two new books from authors that I enjoyed being prompted to me via kindle unlimited and therefore has made me super excited.

The first of this was a new installment of Catherine Ryan Hyde. This is a book released just a few months ago and I very willingly gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. The story is not very typical of the ones I have read in the past because according to most definitions both of the lead protagonists are normal( Mentally speaking).  Both are annoying in the own way, the old lady nobody would befriend and that girl in your school who people would consider too high and mighty for her own good. Through circumstances not completely of their own making they end up together on a road trip which teaches them not only about the way their own minds work but also that the world outside is not just a big bad one. Unlike the previous books, I did not shed much tears with the book but I enjoyed the mellowing of both the girl and her ‘grandmother’.

Their short road trip counted for some big minutes in their lives and counts as a good read.

P.S: I am back to my old timings and this means there are quite a few reviews to follow this one in the days to come as the reading list is stacked high. Also I encourage suggestions in case anyone is considering if they should spare their precious time on anything in particular.

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