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The Lighthouse Keeper by Cynthia Ellingsen

It is hard to categorize this book under a specific form of fiction because it tries rather successfully to pack multiple forms of the popular fiction varieties.

  • The women’s specific fiction is the most dominant since the lead character is an independent young woman going through a semi mid-life crisis.
  • The romance angle consists of a helpful locally powerful and well liked man who may or may not be hiding things
  • The adventure involves with the hunt for a possibly sunken treasure required to clear the family’s good name.( This reminded for some strange reason for the first Famous Five book by Enid Blyton where the ‘Wreck’ helps the cousins bond properly for the first time)
  • The mystery angle deals with who is trying to sabotage their mission or if there is more than a single force at work
  • The drama is of course trying to reconcile into a family that the lead was not sure she fit into.

I would say the above just about covers, not only the gist of the story but many forms of fiction that I am used to. To be on the safe side I will try to write a further synopsis.

Dawn Conners needs to clear her Great-grandfather’s good name and has ended up back in the small town of Starlight Cove.There are many stumbling blocks to her achieving this goal and the journey to the end of the story has more than a few changes in store for her. This was a light book with good characters that I enjoyed reading about and watching them lead their lives.



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