Chick lit

Magnolia Nights by Ashley Farley

I got this book via Kindle unlimited due to its very interesting blurb which unfortunately the book did not completely do justice to. I have to admit that I did like the book, but would have appreciated it further if the pace of the story sustained itself throughout the book.

The journey is Ellie’s. She is named after her ill-tempered grandmother who she only faintly remembers. There are suppressed memories lurking in the back of her mind. These memories are fighting their way into the forefront as she takes charge of the inheritance her grandmother left her. There is a lot to uncover and the suspense built initially could go in any direction. New people come into Ellie’s life and help support her through the trying phase of the duration of the book. The writing is good and the storyline base is pretty solid.

I have already added another of the authors book to test the waters with her other books.


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