Historical fiction

The Stranger by Kate Riordan

Afterthought:I realized that I mention the blurb a few times in my review but as a habit I do not publish it, in this case I will make an exception. I am posting the description that goes with the book

When you’re the outsider, who do you trust?

Cornwall, 1940.

For decades, Penhallow Hall has stood frozen in time, protecting the secrets of its isolated inhabitants. But the far corners of England are no shelter from the war, and Penhallow must finally open its doors to strangers.Three newcomers arrive, each looking to escape their past. They adjust easily to the routine – nightly blackouts, the threat of invasion – but tensions mount and secrets are forced into the open. For one of them is not there by choice. And then, in the hushed hours of deepest night, a young woman is taken by the sea.

Was it simply a tragic accident? Or should the inhabitants of Penhallow have been more careful about whom they invited in?


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This particular book, is very highly rated and has had raving reviews. That and the interesting blurb was enough to spur me into requesting it.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the author’s favourites were listed as Daphne Du Maurier and Agatha Christie, two women whose character descriptions I myself have a weakness for. Seeing it as a sign that I am going to like the book, I proceeded. The only strange thing was trying to place the importance of the cover and the actual events of the blurb into the story. It is not just about the missing woman, it is much more than that. Due to circumstances of war, there are five women spanning three generations housed under one roof. Not all of them are related, and therein lies the problem. Anyone who has ever lived in a hostel would know what it feels like to spend almost all day with the same people. It can be a marvellous experience(as it was for me) or it could go very wrong. In this case the women, each with their own burden may not bring out the best in the others around them.It is about circumstances and emotional turmoil that shape dialogue and events in their lives. The dialogues and the feelings described are thought-provoking and very well written. Each person is whole by themselves and do not bear much resemblance to each other(thought it might appear so at first glance that they do) which adds to the colour of the book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the idea of a captivating read.

I received this as an ARC via NetGalley – NetGalley Link


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