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Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road by Kate Harris

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I always claimed to be a purely fiction reader because of a misguided notion that only imagination has the power to captivate and that people who actually adventure into new territories would not be able to provide the exact window to see what they saw. I was wrong on both counts.

I have been proved wrong about it multiple times this past year (much to my joy). This book was an exhilarating experience. The feeling does not come from the fact that the two women spent so many months cycling Marco Polo’s silk route, but from the knowledge and understanding that Kate Harris absorbed during this expedition. Kate Harris and her friend(Mel) have set out to accomplish something that is gruelling to both body and mind(if not soul), they intend to cycle the ‘Silk Road’ from Turkey to India. They completed this journey and the book is not just about that trip but the events that lead up to it, and give us an idea of the sort of person we are to travel with. The book does take you with them, through the highs and lows, profound thoughts, small jokes and bonds between people and even social politics. It gives us an idea of the existing borders and the borders that once were, making it a book that can be re read(something I intend to do), multiple times to get all the information that has been provided to us within it.

I was lucky to get a digital reviewers copy via Edelweiss

I found this video from part way into the book that gave me more fuel to read this book with :

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