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Mysore to the Mountains by Clare Nicholls

As I was telling a friend of mine this morning, my reading slump can chiefly be attributed to trying to do too much in too little a time. I am off on a holiday at the end of the month and may be off the internet for a while. My trusty (ill-treated) kindle travels with me, so there will probably be a burst of posts at some point. I reserved a few books at my local library last month with the folly that comes with over enthusiasm. I do not want to have to reissue them(though I must just have to go back in the line), so I have been trying to read a bit of each to finish them! This led me to feel like this was ‘work’ and I lost my groove. This book brought some of the fighting spirit back into me.

I requested this book because it is always fascinating to see my country through a relatively alien viewpoint. Bonus points if they turn out to be favourable ones ( I am biased that way). The author, it turned out, was not as alien as I expected her to be. She has had a firm grounding in what to expect and the background information on Hinduism that most people born into that society have no inkling of. This is a very private journey. It is the tale of her four-month journey in India , with rigorous information provided which might have been gathered after the trip(for the most part, the author does go into the trip with meticulous planning).She undertook the journey seeking some sort of respite from the person she was back home. She laces her travels with the stories of the places she visits, her purpose being both general and spiritual curiosity. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a very enriching time watching another’s explorations of life and its meaning. It leans heavily on the spiritual backbone of hinduism and its values and as a reader I have enough of an affinity with her thought process to enjoy the book in its entirety, I am not sure how those who do not would react to this book.

I received access to this book via NetGalley and on a side note, my NetGalley queue has suddenly become overrun with approvals which have all timed to chime in at the same time!I hope I can get to all of them soon!

Another P.S: Has anyone tried the ‘I will not be reviewing this’ option on NetGalley yet? I ended up using it for a few books and hopefully there will be no ill will.

2 thoughts on “Mysore to the Mountains by Clare Nicholls”

  1. Great review, this sounds interesting! I know next to nothing about Hinduism so I’d be interested in it for an opportunity to learn more about that alone.
    I’ve also been in a reading slump lately, compounded by being swamped with work…hoping an overflowing netgalley queue will help me with that one too. Good luck on yours!

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    1. Some parts may seem like too much info, but it looks like she genuinely enjoyed her travel experiment! Do let me know if you do ever read and like it
      And thanks of luck to you too 😀

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