Her Last Day (Jessie Cole #1) by T.R Ragan


Narrator: Kate Rudd

Now that I am back to my usual routine (almost) I will be catching up on my audio books. There was quite a lull during the time that I was travelling since it was easier to read a book and pause appropriately rather than keep fishing out the kindle to pause the book.

I am a big fan of series’ because it only means there is more of a good thing available and I do not need to go hunt for something for a long time. The author’s expertise also guarantees time well spent (most of the time). I even compiled a separate list for last year : (Series’ I started or continued). This is as good a start as a series can get. It lays the groundwork for the protagonist and the tone.

Jessie Cole has always been the responsible one, keeping her sister and niece fed and clothed while her father is not of much help although he means well. She has harboured a need to find out what happened to her sister when she walked out of the house ten years ago. (I know it is similar to the theme of my last review, but that’s just a coincidence. Here Jessie is the older sibling) There are multiple plots simultaneous at play here and we are not given too many clues initially as to how they will all overlap. Some do, while others are a story in their own right.

  1. There is a car wreck and the repercussions will surface many years later when memories are triggered.
  2. Jessie is in trouble because of the latest case regarding a stalker. She may be in more trouble than even she can fathom and not have the time to make it right.
  3. There is a psycho killer on the loose and a large chunk of the story is his.
  4. There is a missing girl(another).
  5. Family and friends and all that interpersonal relationship stuff.

These are a loose list of all the things that make the bare bones of the story. For the rest of the plot, you will have to read/listen to the book. The narrator is pretty great(I have heard a book or two of hers before), making sure our heart is in our mouth at appropriate times.

I finally gave in and switched out my kindle unlimited list making it unrecognizable (I exaggerate) from the previous one I displayed in The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien. Two towers did not have audio and James Bond go annoying, I might try that again some other day.

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