Dr. Schwartzman #1 #2 by Danielle Girard

I remembered reading the first book when I first started with my kindle unlimited account, but since then there have been three more books in the series, so I decided to start from the very beginning.

Narrated by: Shannon McManus

Exhume audiobook cover art

In this first instalment, we meet Dr Schwartzman as she prefers to be known and get appraised of her circumstances. Her past is set to overshadow her present, and it begins with a theatrical flourish. The writing is very atmospheric, and you can feel the room closing in on her and the claustrophobia. This feeling is not set to go away any time soon since the case of the crazy ex is not closed even after the second book.

As a medical examiner, she has been called to work on a body that could have very well been her own! The staging indicates a desire to target her specifically, and her sanity slowly unravels. To top it all, we have a medical issue as well. It is a pretty thrilling start to a series and despite having read it before I still enjoyed the reveal when it came.

Excise audiobook cover art

I liked the two cases in the second book, but there was a lot of repetition. I might have noticed it because I heard it on audio, but there are a lot of the smaller details that are mentioned more times than required and that put me off.

In this instalment, as Annabelle recovers from the events of the previous book, she goes back to work. At work, she ends up with a lot of unknowns and the entire suspense is actually entertaining. This is not a bad sequel, but I am looking forward to the next one given the way this one ends! I am also crossing my fingers that Hal and Anna do not end up together, there were subtle changes in their interactions in the second as compared to the first, but I really hope that nothing happens because it just feels odd.

My last KU review was: The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka, and now my queue looks like this:

Don't Even Breathe audiobook cover art Stay audiobook cover art 39206983 45447492. sx318 Smoke and Summons audiobook cover art Elven Queen audiobook cover art 48842458. sx318 42206629. sx318 The Last Dragonslayer audiobook cover art Expose audiobook cover art

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