Chick lit

The Apology Project by Jeanette Escudero

Narrated by: Karen Peakes

The Apology Project cover art

I initially had an advance reviewer copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but I found an audiobook version, which this review is of.
I say this because the narration was quite fitting to the tone of the book and enhanced the experience for me.
Our leading lady in this book is Amelia Montgomery. She is a hard-working and sharp-tongued lawyer who is used to doing a great job and expecting the same from people around her. There comes a breaking point where she is forced to retire and then ends up taking a look at the choices she had made in her life. The first issue I had was that the breaking point was not self-explanatory. Amelia iterates at different junctions of the book that there was no special reason for her to have used that particular case/reasons to heart the way she did. On the flip side, it also makes sense for something like that to happen in real life. Sometimes people just snap without any underlying psychological hurdle. As you can see, I am confused as to where I stand on this idea myself!
Amelia then tries to find her internal Milly and apologize to those people who she feels she has wronged.
A love story, a growth arc, and a hereto unknown family history are added to the mix. The book could have been slightly shorter, and I would have rated it higher. The leading lady is strong and unapologetic about it, but that fact is repeated once too often for the length of the narrative. I liked the book, the overall tone, and how the characters were shown as multi-faceted. None of them changed entirely over the course of the story, even with new realizations that sort of impact more than an individual.
I would read another book by the author and recommend this book for anyone on the lookout for a slightly different narrative arc than usual for such stories, even if the book ends the way a romcom/chick lit does.

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