Chick lit

The Mistletoe Secret – Evans , Richard Paul

I bit the bullet and put this link up, visible to my facebook  friends list and am currently fighting the urge to look through the past posts to see if they are fit for public consumption. I may as yet win that fight and let the old posts lie without any alterations ( Including the small “i” which one of my friends pointed out and I had not even realized I was doing!)

One way would be to stop this rambling and go ahead with the next review. ( Rating :3/5)

This book was new and pretty looking with its gilded covers and an author that I like. I picked it up and sneaked it between the horror stories in order to lighten my  mind before I fell asleep and ended up pursuing and finishing it. It had a good start, with very indepth description of the word loneliness which resonated and made me look forward to the unfolding of the story. But there was something lacking after the second half of the book which made it seem the same as several others that I have picked up on days when there is nothing better to do. ( Hence the label under chicklit and not something more fancy) .

The Alex Bartlett is an average good guy who is looking for the author of a very deep blog who is being very secretive about her identity. Maybe the story moved too fast for my liking ( this is a very rare thought indeed!) It did not give me enough time to digest the characters  but it did provide some good chuckles in between. Overall a nice read and if you do find it in the library and are a reader of such books, you will definitely like it.

( I think I am going to leave old things alone and see what I can do different with posts to come;I extended the remaining library books for the next two weeks and they are all from different genres…so good fodder will be available to me for the rest of the month)

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