Historical fiction

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

This is another heavy book that made my list . I know this is heavy because it sports a big O in the front identifying it as part of Oprah Winfrey’s reading list recommendation. Also, it is due earlier than I had expected at the library since it has already been reserved by someone else.

I have to admit that initially I made several trips to the library with hopes of starting an enchanting conversation with someone who was picking up a similar book and hey presto! a brand new friend. In the last two years this has not occurred unfortunately.  Now that I have taken to reserving books, this chance has narrowed even further.

I sped through this book at breakneck speed just to make sure I finished it before it was due to be returned and therefore did not let the emotions take a grip as they would have otherwise. This is another tale based in the slavery era of the South of the US and follows the tale of a runaway named Cora. It swings between memories of others involved in the tale in order to give us a bigger picture and let us hate or champion people even if the main protagonist is unawares of their fate.

It is not a big book but due to the multiple layers of the book it feels like a longer journey ( in a good way!). The horrors people faced in their daily lives never seems to get easy to read though.

Hopefully the next review I write would be of a book that I read slower and therefore am able to give a better picture of the book.

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