Fatal Frost (Dewberry Farm Mysteries, #2) by Karen MacInerney

This book follows the previous one after a gap of a couple of months . The last one being Killer Jam (Dewberry Farm #1). We find ourselves back at Dewberry Farm where not much has changed. Lucy is struggling financially and has to come up with new ways to add to her income. The story begins with her being hit on the head as she goes to investigate a strange sound at her farm. Her parents make an appearance in the book and add another angle for us to know more about our leading lady.

The case in this book is slightly more complicated than the last book, having many facets that may not really go together at first glance. There is a fire that Lucy chances upon and is the first to realize that there might be something wrong with the picture. Her friend Molly is accused of the unthinkable and her daughter just adds to the issues at hand. There is the case of the mysterious digging. Amidst all this Lucy and Tobias’s romance may not be going the way she wants, her goats may be harder to handle than she wants and her truck is making abnormal noises and last but not the least,  the town may be in more danger than anyone guesses. With her grandmother’s spirit continuing to aid her, family and friends come together to make sure the town has a Merry Christmas after all.

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