The Memories of Us by Vanessa Carnevale


The last book I read with a similar storyline was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty and Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella (which was before my reviewing days).

I really enjoyed my evening with Gracie and her efforts to take charge of her life. The thing about the ‘amnesia trope’ is that if it is well written, it can be repeated multiple times. This book falls under that category. It is written well with very vivid descriptions of the places and relationships (especially the landscapes, emotions and the flowers!). This lets a predictable storyline feel like a treat to read. I read it in one sitting, shed multiple tears with it and still managed to finish it before dinner ( having started reading only a few hours earlier). I do not know exactly why I did not get to this book sooner, the only possible reason could be that I overlooked it at some point and it got buried.

Gracie is in a car having an argument with her fiance when there is an accident. She wakes up with no memories. She even struggles with routine tasks, things she should have been good at before the accident( this was slightly unique when compared to other stories of this ilk) . The only person she ends up seeing before she ‘runs’ away  is her best friend who is now a stranger to her. She decides (stubbornly) to figure out her likes and dislikes without being told about them. This also means her upcoming wedding is no longer something that she is looking forward to. What follows next is the journey of self discovery, most importantly of her feelings and what ties her to her Blake ( if anything at all). I read it sitting next to the view of lightning and rains at my window and though it is not a requirement, it definitely helped set the mood for me to relish reading ‘The Memories of Us’. I did not give it a full five stars only because I saw what was happening too early, the people behaved oddly in some scenarios which I just could not fathom.

I received an advance reviewer’s copy thanks to NetGalley.


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