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Around the World in 80 Trees by Jonathan Drori , Lucille Clerc (Illustrations)

I got my Microsoft surface all ready to ship and no one came to collect it!! I waited a bit because it feels really odd to type on something different so much so that it hinders my thought process by adding bits to it. But I shall persevere and hopefully get this done. I never realised how dependent I have become on how the keys on my machine specifically clickety-clack to get my review going in the appropriate tone.


This is one of those books that definitely catch your eye as you go past. It is probably best as a large coffee table version but I had to be contented with an e-version which has a ticking clock before it expires. This did not effect my review in too many ways, but I might have enjoyed it more in actual physical format.

The author gives us detailed information about trees from various parts of the world. As a layperson with only the power to gawk at said trees and marvel at their beauty, I cannot even tell most of them apart. This collection, therefore, had a lot of tidbits that I can use to entertain audiences if they are so inclined. I might forget most of it with passing time but the joy of reading about them for the first time will linger. I really liked the illustration but thought that actual pictures might have helped me understand and retain more information (again, the illustrations are pretty) for the future.

If you are even slightly interested in nature and or how civilizations around the world could have been linked in the past, there is a little for everyone in this book. If I ever go on a buying spree in the near future I will keep this book in mind.

I received a copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely my own thoughts.

Affiliated link to purchase: Book Depository






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