When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal

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Narrators: Sarah Naughton, Katherine Littrell

I’ve read more of the author’s works but only reviewed this belowThe Art of Inheriting Secrets

This is part of my Kindle Unlimited listening spree, but since I have already altered the queue twice since then and finished another, I will update my latest KU queue in the next post.

This story had the author’s trademark lovely writing, there was depth and emotion, and all those touchy-feely vibes. The problem was that the story could have been cut in half and with the lack of repetitiveness, I would have loved the tale (since I adored a lot of her previous books). This is more serious, it deals with abuse and parental neglect and all those things that require hours of counseling to make even remotely bearable.

This is the tale of two sisters, closer than could be imagined but separated by a sudden action on the part of Josie (the elder sibling). It takes decades for the truth to come out and a large chunk of the story is about how everyone deals with it. All the people introduced to us, primary or secondary characters (including the animals) will tug at your heart and if you read this book, they would be the main reason why. I got to travel in a whole new country (to me), New Zealand and that in itself was a treat. As mentioned earlier, the ‘secrets’ were pretty obvious and it was only a matter of time before the revelations became apparent, I just wish it was a smaller book which would have meant fewer flashbacks and appealed to me more.

It is still a good book for someone on the lookout for a well-written family drama which was extremely well narrated as well!

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