Adventure, Comics & Graphic Novel

Forbidden Harbor by Teresa Radice

I have had this book on my virtual shelf for a very long time. Given my tendency to try any graphic novel that looks even mildly interesting, I end up picking up more than I can chew at any given time.

One of the main reasons I initially struggled with was the length, I had not paid attention to the number of pages, and that took me by surprise. The next has to be its intensity. If it looks like I am criticizing the book, bear with me till I get to my point. My complete copy was not in colour, it had only gorgeous pencil drawings which seemed to radiate colour despite not having any! The dialogues and thought processes the further I got into the story, got more profound, and that slowed my speed considerably because they were not the kind that can be lightly read and moves on from. Finally, I should point out that this is not a book for children, there are very graphic scenes of carousing sailors and some intimate moments which were tastefully done but still unexpected!

The story holds on to its secrets till almost half the book is done, we find a navy ship which has lost its captain and picks up a drowning boy with no recollections about his past. He sails with the boat and is taken to a temporary home by the current captain. All this while, he does not know who he is. Once he figures it out, he has an even bigger job to do. The forbidden harbour looms above the horizon as the beginning and end of the story itself. It was unlike anything I have read before, and despite liking it, I do not know if I will reread it. I will, however, recommend this to any adventurous person who likes to pick something different up now and then.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience (however late that has been)

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