Book Recommendations

March 2020 Books Vs Moods

This month started with a lot of gusto in terms of my reading but tapered into a somewhat weak end, with hardly any reviews in the last week. Despite that, since I did well in the beginning, I have enough to recommend to you in this odd time that we are also (strangely enough) facing… Continue reading March 2020 Books Vs Moods

Non Fiction

Tigers by Paula Hammond

As the title rightly proclaims, it is a book of stunning photographs. There are enough of them to hold anyone in awe. Every time I see images like this, I wonder how the earliest people who wanted to study them felt the need to drain the life out of its eyes. This is a pretty… Continue reading Tigers by Paula Hammond


Don’t Look Down (Shadows of New York #2) by Hilary Davidson

The situation outside is not really very good, and although we in HK have been in the precautionary state since mid-Jan, recently we have seen a tremendous surge of cases. A massive chunk of these are people who have come 'back' from other countries currently suffering a more significant number of cases, and they seem… Continue reading Don’t Look Down (Shadows of New York #2) by Hilary Davidson