Her Last Goodbye (Morgan Dane, #2) by Melinda Leigh

Morgan Dane, young mother of three is now a defence attorney. We are given an introduction to the unstable villain in the beginning and then intermittently. The two cross paths multiple times during the book which adds to the danger in the book.

Morgan is asked to help a man whose wife has gone missing and he is afraid the Sheriff has his heart set, on making him the only suspect.Lance and Morgan set out to investigate. This book is fast-paced in terms of continuous changes in the information that they receive and the need to take action. Morgan and Lance’s relationship progresses with Lance bonding with her daughters. I am still waiting for Lance to open the file on his father( who went missing twenty-three years ago) , since that should add new flavour to the story. Unfortunately, he did not even take a peek this entire book into those files!

The ending is surprising at several levels so it lives up to the thriller genre.

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