Children's fiction

Blue Door #3 #4 by Pamela Brown

I seem to be on a roll with regards to children’s fiction books. It may be that they seem to be smaller and easier to tackle at this time. Some of them hide some unexpected surprises like the two that I intend to tackle in this post.

I reviewed the other books in the series here:

  1. The Swish of the Curtain
  2. Maddy Alone

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This third book of the series is written around the timeline of ‘Maddy Alone’, where the children (apart from Maddy) end up at the Academy to get an education about what it means to be an actor and all the other supporting skills people of the theater might require.

It is a realistic look at what the life of an actor(non-cinema) might consist of, all the hard work, the workload and the struggles. The children are on their own and have to find their feet. Their aspirations continue to remain high but what I love best about this series is the reality woven into the dreams. When the kids start thinking of stardom, the real life knocks the door, peeks in and sets them right. They take each of these reality checks with spirit and that is something unique in books written aimed at children and especially featuring such a romantic profession. In the time we see unfold here, the bane of all starting professionals rears its head. It is not surprising to see the situation has not changed in half a century since the book was written, one needs experience to get a starting job and to get experience, one needs a starting job! They learn the ropes of the profession and there are enough to-do steps here to deter children from jumping on to the bandwagon after reading the book if they are not completely committed. Some of them learn harder lessons than others but by the end they have a new goal and a plan in place. I jumped into the next installment with a lot of excitement.

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The dream is now a form of reality for the Blue Door team.They have big plans and they set them into motion. There is systematic planning and the sun is not going to shine forever. This book takes the story a step further into seriousness with an odd obstacle coming their way. They have to regroup and access their situation. Their plan may seem extreme and unnecessary but the persevere. This episode might seem to be a little long but the adventure that they face defines them in never ways.

The kids who first started Blue Doors on a whim now have education under their belt and experience with other small companies (for a few of them) and learn about all the kinds of people that make up the real world around them. It is an interesting study of the times and how the trust between a group of people maintains balance in their lives. There is not even one iota of romance in the classic sense in these tales and I think it works well as something younger audience can read (despite the odd cigarette and pipe smoking situation).

I highly recommend this series to anyone who thinks the synopsis or my review is even the remotest bit interesting.

I received ARCs of the reprints thanks to NetGalley and Edelweiss+ and the publishers. My review is completely based on my reading experience.


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