Gone to Darkness (Sydney Rose Parnell #4) by Barbara Nickless

Blood on the Tracks audiobook cover art Dead Stop audiobook cover art Ambush audiobook cover art
Previous books of the series and their reviews on the blog
Emily Sutton-Smith (Narrator)

One can pick up this book as a start to the series because it shows a significant change in the life of Sydney Rose. If read out of order, it would be harder to understand her psyche because of the way her prior experiences shaped her. Most of it is not repeated or even recollected in this instalment, which in itself is rare in series’.

Sydney Rose is now a proper cop in the murder investigation department. She is lower on the hierarchy since she is just starting out and is saddled with a partner who does not trust or like her completely. He is the earlier partner of her boyfriend. This essentially means that the investigation she jumps headfirst into is almost a family affair with a cross-over feel. It begins with the familiar, a train track and veers into dangerous territory from that. It is as dark if not darker than the previous works and the language sometimes reflects that situation. The mystery itself was unique in some ways and I had no clue about what was coming next. I like the depth of this series but would not recommend it to anyone who does not have the stomach for the more grisly details that thrillers like this usually contain. I would read/listen to the next if I get the chance since there is one loose thread from the broader storyline still left to tie up. Finally, I have heard a lot of audiobooks narrated by this narrator and she has done an excellent job in this one, as always.

I am finally back to listening to and reviewing books from my KU list. My last such review was: Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde. My queue looks like this now:

  What Lies Between Us audiobook cover art Yellow Crocus audiobook cover art Don't Make a Sound audiobook cover art The Case of the Counterfeit Eye audiobook cover art The Body Counter audiobook cover art 45421662. sx318  53939794. sx318  The Buried World audiobook cover art 54575748. sx318 The Mountain audiobook cover art

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